From Campus to the Chapel

It was a big Valentine’s weekend for The Plains…. and I am not just talking about Kodi Burns joining Auburn’s coaching staff. Two iconic Auburn couples popped the question and the whole city went nuts.

Will Mahone, co-head cheerleader and senior in Biomedical Sciences, proposed to cheer teammate and long-time girlfriend Zane Sanders in a true Auburn fashion. After the duo had concluded cheering together at a women’s basketball game against the Florida Gators, the entire cheer team was told to head to the stadium for a secret appearance.

12509008_1263298370351074_834655204949095073_n“We all thought it was Cam Newton coming to Auburn, or we were taking pictures for the recruits or we were just taking pictures for someone random,” said Sanders. “Nobody knew what was going on except for Will and our coach Latisha.”

Sanders was asked to go retrieve Latisha’s purse in the cheer room while everyone else went into the stadium. After getting the purse, Sanders started walking towards the field through the opening where the players run out. When she got to the field she saw her mom crying and was greeted by Aubie holding a bouquet of flowers.

“I saw Will standing on the 50 yard line with cheerleaders behind him holding signs saying ‘will you marry me’,” said Sanders. “I about lost it and unfortunately couldn’t contain any of the ugly crying faces. I have no clue what he said to me and it all seems like a wonderful blur, but I have never been so happy and excited.”

Sanders and Mahone met in fifth grade at Providence Christian School in Dothan, Alabama.

“I hated boys and was so mean to them,” says Sanders. “Will’s dad says he was so upset when he found out I was in Will’s sixth grade home room class because I was so mean.”

Thankfully, in 10th grade Sanders had a change of heart and the couple has been dating ever since.

“Will spent weeks planning out the whole proposal and even designed the ring,” says Sanders. “The sweet boy did it all and it was the best surprise/ Valentine’s day yet.”

Bo Bradford, former president of the War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen organization, also proposed to current War Eagle Girl Allison Childress. Both are from Lagrange, Georgia and actually have lived right down the road from each other growing up.12718175_10154018527762526_2044742824052186375_n

“Bo used to drive me to school or home in high school because we lived so close,” says Childress. “We each had a secret crush on the other, but we never dated in high school.”

The couple started dating Childress’s freshman year and Bradford’s junior year.

Bradford wanted Childress to be shocked by the proposal. So in order for this to happen, he told her to block off Friday, February 12th because they were going to help his mom set up his sister’s engagement. The plan was for Childress to meet at the arboretum at 6:00 p.m. on Friday to help set up the proposal, and then hide while the sister’s boyfriend proposed.

“When I got there, the only person there was Bo,” says Childress. “But even then it didn’t hit me. I asked him where his mom was and I was telling him we needed to hurry. Bo then explained it was just us there.

Bradford took Childress down to the arboretum dock which was set up with lanterns and candles. There he showed Childress a slideshow of pictures of the two of them and read from 1 Corinthians 13. While he proposed to her, he had a photographer take pictures of her reaction secretly.

“Everything was executed so well and I had no idea any of it was coming,” says Childress.

Childress was surprised for the second time that night when she went to her future sister-in-law’s house with the intention of telling her the news. When she walked in the door all of her friends and family surprised her, ready to celebrate the engagement with her.

“It was such a fun night,” says Childress. “I am so lucky.”


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