500 Days of an Auburn Summer

So you have to stay in Auburn for the summer. Maybe it’s for a job. Maybe it’s to take a couple of classes so you can graduate in a decent amount of time. But, regardless you will be investing a few more months on the Plain’s.

As your looking at Instagram posts of friends backpacking in Europe or cage diving in South America, one can start to become a little sad staying put in the Loveliest Village. But, have no fear. Staying in Auburn for the summer can be one of the most incredible times if you do it right.

Ivy Sibely, a native to Auburn, Alabama, has spent every summer on the Plain’s.

“I absolutely love Auburn in the summer,” says Sibley. “It is so refreshing.”

With Auburn being less populated, the craziness associated with the fall and spring dies down. A summer in Auburn allows one to really enjoy Auburn for what it is. There is no traffic, no waits at restaurants and no mass crowds of people.

“It is so refreshing,” says Sibely. “You can see Auburn for the community it is.”

Being in Auburn for a summer allows you to communicate with more locals and become more active in the community. There are a multitude of different events that allow students to volunteer and contribute to society. Events include vacation bible studies at local churches, youth day camps run through Auburn Parks and Recreation Department, and seasonal activities put on through the Jan Dempsey Art Center, like the fan-favorite Auburn Art Walk.

“I love events like the Auburn Art Walk,” says Sibely. “It is incredible to see projects that local community members have created.”

The Auburn Art Walk allows local community members to submit all types of art pieces. Then anyone is allowed to come on this particular night and see the talent put on by these participants.

“I am there the whole time,” says Sibely. “From start to finish.”

Other popular activities around the Auburn area include farmers’ markets. There are multiple markets around the area that benefit local community members.

“It is incredibly important to buy local and eat local,” says Mizna Kanafani, a junior at Auburn University. “This really supports the local economy.”

homePic-panPlMarkets are open from the beginning of May to the end of July. A lot of vendors bring tasty treats that are available onsite that allows visitors to indulge in a delicious meal.

Aside from activities exclusive to the summer, having more daylight hours allows one to see Auburn and all the beauty it possesses.

“I like that there is so much daylight and you can have more time to walk around and see campus and parts of Auburn you never have,” says Lauren Cleveland, a senior student at Auburn University.

Having a summer in Auburn can be a time to recharge and enjoy simpler times. The weather is incredible, the people are relaxed and times seem to be sweeter. So if you haven’t spent a summer season on The Plain’s, find a way to invest a couple more months on the best place on Earth.



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