Get Excited for Spring Cleaning

The Groundhog has seen its shadow. You know what that means, spring is officially right around the corner. Spring is a season that brings about new life and new opportunities: the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and everyone seems to have a certain hop in their step.

With a new fruitful season right around the corner, one can feel the desire to start anew. What a better way to do that then a good old fashion spring cleaning?

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Spring cleaning is the practice of deep cleaning and organizing a room or space when the climate begins to transition out of winter blues to the sunny spring. Typically, spring cleaning happens towards the end or February and the beginning of March.

Spring cleaning was originally implemented by ancient Jews in anticipation of Passover. It was later practiced by early Christians to deep clean their lives spiritually and physically between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Though in the past spring cleaning was treated as a religions celebration, today it is more so seen as an excuse to de-clutter our lives. Regardless of the reason, the art of spring cleaning is actually associated with a multitude of health benefits.

In this day in age, stress is all around us. Donna Shanklin, a regional extension agent in human nutrition and diet & health, talks about the prevalence of stress in the modern day life.

“We all have it in our lives,” says Shanklin. “However, there are some stresses in our life that can be managed by just cleaning up the clutter in our homes. Stress increases when living in an environment that is hard to ‘live’ in.”

Spring cleaning can be an opportunity to divulge into the clutter that infiltrates our living spaces and remove unnecessary stress. It can be incredibly difficult to function in areas that are filled beyond capacity. Some clutter may even be below the surface. Why we may all have a junk draw or two throughout the house, having multiple in every room can be unhealthy. Even if you do not have a lot of clutter in your living spaces, re-organizing what you own can be clear up space you did not even know you possessed.

By de-cluttering rooms that we reside in, one can eliminate stress and even reduce allergens that are present in homes.

“Clutter can hold mass amounts of dust mites and other pests, pet dander and mold in damp areas,” says Shanklin.

Six percent of Americans suffer from indoor allergens. This means the cause of their allergies resides in their dwelling place. Regardless if you suffer from allergies or not, spring cleaning can greatly reduce the risk of stimulating this type of allergy in the future.

Take some time this spring and devote it to deep cleaning and organizing your home. Though it can be time consuming, starting off this spring season less stressed will be well worth it!

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